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C.V. Starr Financial Markets Center (FMC)

Opened in October 2002, the FMC has 32 workstations running on IBM Server Infrastructure. The Center has access to real-time market information (provided by Reuters and Bloomberg) and advanced audio/visual systems as well as industry standard financial applications and databases.

FMC: Mission
The FMC allows Bryant College to provide an all encompassing educational experience in which students are immersed in a state-of-the-art financial markets environment. This gives them the opportunity to observe the flow of financial information in real-time, using real-world economic, financial, accounting and information technologies. This enables the students to practice with the tools that operate on such information to solve problems and answer questions.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between finance education and finance theory and practice by utilizing the FMC. In today's world, the theory and practice of finance are defined by increasingly complex information technology while finance education is still catching up. By tightly integrating FMC into our finance curriculum, we aim to bring finance education up to the same level as finance theory and practice.

FMC: Student Centered
FMC provides students with the tools to test the boundaries of financial theory by:

  • Using live market data.
  • Experiencing the pace of real-world finance, which occurs on a global scale with fast market dynamics.
  • Playing various finance-related roles from trader to research analyst.
  • Gaining insight into securities trading and market making through simulation programs. Our student managed fund makes extensive use of FMC resources when managing a real investment fund.












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